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The Supreme Court Weighs 2 Cases Involving Racial Bias in the Courtroom

The Supreme Court is considering two cases this month involving racal bias in the courtroom.  In Buck v. Davis, the Court will decide whether a death sentence can be appealed because an expert for the defense testified that the defendant posed a greater risk of future criminal acts because he is African American.  And today the Court will hear arguments in Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado, which involves the question of whether a jury verdict can be overturned because of allegations of racial bias during jury deliberations.

Read more about Buck v. Davis.

Read more about Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado.

And see Christina Swarns, who argued Buck v. Davis before the Supreme Court last week, in our film Jury Selection: Edmonson v. Leesville.



Supreme Court Back in Session Today

The Supreme Court is back in session today following summer recess.  Click here for information about how the Court schedule works.  And for more information on the cases before the Court this session, click here.

Happy 261st Birthday, John Marshall!

261 years ago today, the fourth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Marshall, was born.  Marshall presided over some of the most influential early cases before the Court, including Marbury v. Madison, which established the principle of judicial review.

Also on this day in 1789, President George Washington signed the Judiciary Act of 1789, which established the Federal Court system.

To learn more about John Marshall and the history of the Federal Court system, check out our film An Independent Judiciary.

Celebrate Constitution Day!

Happy Constitution Day!  Commemorate the signing of the Constitution 229 years ago and check out the Annenberg Classroom website for a list of educational resources (including the Constitution Project films!) all about our founding document.

Watch our new film “Freedom of the Press: NY Times v. United States”

Check out the latest film in the Constitution Project Series, Freedom of the Press: New York Times v. United States. Freedom of the Press has been guaranteed by the Constitution for over 200 years. It’s right there in the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. But almost as soon as the ink was dry on the First Amendment, people in power started to challenge its protections — and they haven’t stopped throughout its 200 year history.

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Watch Our Latest Film, The Right to Remain Silent, online

The Right to Remain Silent: Miranda v. Arizona is streaming online at the Annenberg Classroom website. Click here to learn about Ernesto Miranda’s case and how it changed the way our nation views the Fifth Amendment’s right against self-incrimination.

Search and Seizure Wins a Davey Award

The International Academy of the Visual Arts and the Davey Awards has selected Search and Seizure: Mapp v. Ohio as a winner of a Silver Award in the Film and Video Education category. The team here at The Constitution Project is truly pleased to hear about this win as the Davey Awards does a great job at promoting small but extraordinarily creative firms.

Search and Seizure has been chosen for a Chris Statuette Award

The Constitution Project’s documentary, Search and Seizure: Mapp v. Ohio, has been honored with another award. The film has been awarded a Chris Award from the Columbus International Film+Video Festival, which is one of the oldest film festivals in North America. It is a film festival that prides itself for promoting education through film and video which makes it a perfect fit for The Constitution Project.

Search and Seizure wins a Best Shorts Award

We are proud to announce another win for Search and Seizure. The Constitution Project’s latest documentary has won an Award of Excellence in the category of Educational, Instructional, and How To shorts. For additional information on this competition please visit

Search and Seizure is awarded a Videographer Award

Being that this award was judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, The Constitution Project is proud to announce this win. Search and Seizue: Mapp v. Ohio has been chosen out of 1,500 entries for an Award of Excellence in the category of Video for the Web/Educational Institution. Congrats team!

For more information about this festival, go to