The Documentary Group

THE DOCUMENTARY GROUP is an independent production company founded in 2006 with offices in New York and Los Angeles. TDG produces long form and short form films for the major commercial networks, public television and cable, as well as for the educational market, digital distribution and theatrical release.

Recent films include the 2016 Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning feature documentary Cartel Land, the feature documentary Midsummer in Newtown, the feature doc and social action campaign Girl Rising, and Academy Award-nominated Operation Homecoming (PBS). Other projects include TV specials We Will Rise (CNN) and The Homefront, as well as the limited series Age of Aerospace (Discovery) and America in Primetime (PBS, MSNBC). TDG’s programs have won numerous honors, including the duPont, Peabody, Emmy, Gabriel and Polk awards.

TDG is the successor to PJ Productions, a company Tom Yellin formed with Peter Jennings in 2002. PJ Productions documentaries include From the Tobacco Files: Untold Stories of Betrayal and Neglect, UFOs: Seeing is Believing, Dark Horizon: India, Pakistan and the Bomb, The Search for Jesus, How to Get Fat Without Really Trying, and The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy.

Before the formation of PJ Productions, Tom was an executive producer at ABC News. His projects included ABC 2000, 23 hours live coverage from around the world at the turn of the century; The Century, a twelve-part series that aired in 1999; and Day One, a primetime news magazine, which Tom created.

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