The Constitution Project Series

The Constitution Project Series

Learn more about our award-winning educational documentary series.

The Constitution Project is a series of award-winning documentaries for the classroom. Focusing on landmark Supreme Court cases and key constitution concepts, the series is devoted to creating accessible, engaging and entertaining educational films that will inspire students and spark classroom discussion. The films feature Supreme Court Justices, leading scholars and lawyers, policy makers and the ordinary citizens who have made a difference in American life by taking their cases to the Supreme Court.




Host, Dan Harris

Written, Produced and Narrated by, Robe Imbriano

Producer, Maria Matasar-Padilla

Narration, Erik Dellums

Senior Production Associate, Bonnie Birmingham

Editor, Marc Tidalgo

Graphic Animator, Victoria Nece

Photography, Edward Marritz

Sound, Mark Mandler

Teleprompter Operator, Leigh Rivers

Production Accountants, Mara Connolly and Andrea Yellen

Assistant to the Executive Producer, Rachael Benjamin

Senior Producer, Kayce Freed Jennings

Executive Producer, Tom Yellin

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